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For devotees who don’t have the financial means to make a large donation but have their heart set on helping to build the Hanuman Temple, you can donate towards one or more square feet and feel happy that you did your utmost for Sri Panchamukha Hanuman. Hanuman Temple will be built on at least one acre of land (43,560 Sq. Feet) and every square foot you sponsor brings us a another step closer to completing the Hanuman Temple. We thank you for your sacrifice and devotion.
The first Square Foot you sponsor must be paid in full at the ti me of selection. After that you may select the installment option and choose the amount and timeframe for making payments. You can also choose a custom recurring payment amount which will be charged monthly until you request to cancel it. But if you have the capacity, “kindly consider the urgency and importance of this fundraiser and pay in full”. And also think about sponsoring a Square Foot on behalf of your family member. You can donate 1 Sq. Ft all the way till 1000 Sq. Ft.

Sponsor a Square Foot for 501 USD

1 to 10 Sq Ft Bhudaan Sponsor
11 to 50 Sq. Ft Bhudaan Bronze Sponsor
51 to 100 Sq. Ft Bhudaan Silver Sponsor
101 to 300 Sq. Ft Bhudaan Gold Sponsor
301 to 600 Sq. Ft Bhudaan Platinum Sponsor
601 to 1000 Sq. Ft Bhudaan Premium Sponsor

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Existing Pledge Donors: For those donors who have pledged $5,000 towards the pledge-based fund raiser, their pledge will be considered as being equivalent to 10 Sq. Ft.
Below is a tentative plan of various phases for the temple construction. This fundraiser is for phase 1 of the temple construction.
Phase 1: Acquire Land or a Structure: Hanuman Temple Board is actively looking for an available structure or an empty lot in Torrance, CA.
Phase 2: Customize the acquired land and/or structure to meet the needs of the temple.