Board of Directors / Executive Committee



Sriman. Sathish Sugumar

The secretary’s role is to oversee the functioning of all committees, to induct new volunteers into the steering committee, to run the monthly meetings, and to meet with individual committee members as needed.

Sriman. Ramachandran Vishwanathan

The Religious Committee is responsible for planning religious poojas & sevas through the year. Our team plans the calendar of religious activities and coordinates with other committees to ensure that the events proceed smoothly from start to finish.

Sriman. Ravi Bellamkonda

The Media Committee is in charge of managing the temple’s website, sending out regular email newsletters, and photo and video coverage of temple events. We also prepare promotional flyers and use various media to publicize temple events.

Sriman. Dr.Srinivas Sandur Madhu Murthy

Cultural committee ‘s goal is to bring forth various cultural programs that reflect our rich heritage. By doing so we bring awareness in our community and help our next generation connect with their roots.

In addition to cultural activities presented throughout the year, We also provide a platform for local upcoming talents to perform at the temple through our Kala Arpana monthly performance series. These performances are held monthly on the second Saturday.