Bhoomi Pooja

Items Quantity Description
Turmeric Powder 1 Small Packet  
Kumkum 1 Small Packet  
Betel Leaves 10  
Betel Nuts 20  
Camphor 1 Packet  
Sandal Powder Small Tin  
Incense Sticks 1 Packet  
Mango Leaves 5 to 10  
Ganga Jal 1 Packet  
Flowers 2 Bunches  
Coconuts 2  
Fruits any variety 12  
Rice 2 lbs  
DeeparadhanaSamagri 1 Set Deepam, Oil & Wicks
Milk 1 Gallon  
Navadhanyam (9 Grains) ** 1 lb  
Gold, Silver, Copper, Coral, Pagadam Small Pieces  
Navaratnam *** 1 apiece  
God’s Photo Ganesha, Laxmi  
Kalasam 100 g  
Vastram for kalasam 1 Towel & Blouse Piece  
Match Box 1  
Tumbler, Plate, Spoon 1 of Each  
Sweets 1 Packet  
Water 1 Bottle  
Ground Breaking Shovel 1  
Napkins (Cloth and Paper) Sufficient  


**Navadhanyam (Nine Grains) consists of Whole Wheat, Rice, ToorDaal, MoongDaal, ChanaDaal, White Rajma, Black Sesame, Urad Dal (Whole) & Horse Gram.

***Navaratnas (Nine Gems believed to represent the nine planets) consists of:

  • Ruby (Manikyam or Moti) representing Sun
  • Pearl (Mukta or Moti) representing Moon
  • Coral (Moonga or Pravalam) representing Mars
  • Emerald (Marakatam or Panna) representing Mercury
  • Yellow Sapphire (Pushparagam) representing Jupiter
  • Diamond (Hira or Vajram) representing Venu
  • Blue Sapphire (Indraneelam) representing Saturn
  • Hessonite (Gomedakam) representing Rahu
  • Chatoyancy (Vaiduryam) representing Ketu

Please open all packets and place them in containers ready to be used.