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  • The following is a list of all special poojas performed and temple fees.
  • The fees listed below do not include dakshina or offering to the priest.
  • Checks to be drawn in favor of ‘Hanuman Temple’. Please indicate the service rendered on the check.
  • An additional charge of $0.55/mile applies when priest travels more than 5 miles from the temple to reach the location.
  • Click on the Pooja name, to view required items for each pooja.
  • The fees listed below are applicable to Greater Los Angeles areas only.
  • Fees may vary outside Greater Los Angeles areas.
    Please contact priest @ +1(310)561-8082 for more details.

Poojas performed at Temple

The following poojas can be performed at temple at anytime during temple hours 

Archana (to any deity – Shiv, Ganesha, Venkateshwara, Lakshmi, Navagraha, Ayyappa, Sai Baba – Archana will include prasad and hanuman Rakshai)$21 
Taila Abhishekham(with Seasmi oil) to Lord Hanuman Ji$21 
Taila Abhishekham (with Seasmi oil) to Sri Sani graha$21 
Bettle leaves archana (leaves are brought by devotee) 108,54,or 27 leaves$51 
108 Banana fruits Sahasranama Archana$51 
Sindhoora Archana$21 
Vadamala Pooja (devotee brings 108 vadai to temple)$31
Navaneetha Seva Archana (offering unsalted butter to Lord every Saturday 7pm)$31 
Navaneetha Seva/Vadamalai Pooja on every Saturday 7 to 8pm(Vadamalai is prepared by temple priests)$101 

Special Pujas performed at Temple

Devotee can participate in OR sponsor the following Special Poojas that take place at the temple. 

SevaAt TempleAt Home
Maha Abhishekam to Lord Hanuman (main deity) – First Saturday of the month, in the morning $101 
Hanuman Abhishekam (Utsava Moorthi ) – Every Tuesday evening$75 
Sri Venkateswara Abhishekam – Third Saturday of every month, in the morning $151 
Kalyanotsavam [Sri Sita-Rama and Sri Venkateswara] – 2nd Saturday of every month, in the evening$151 
Sri Ganesha Abhishekam – Every Sankatahara Chathurthi, in the evening $75 
Samoohika Sathyanarayana Katha/Pooja (Every poornima) $101 
Annadanam Option 1 – Temple prepares prasadam$301 
Annadanam Option 2 – Devotee brings prasadam (2 big trays) – no onion/garlic$101 
Ayyappa abhishekam, Irumudi Pooja & Padi Pooja – Every quarter$125 
Rudrabhishekam / Abhishekam to Lord Shiv – Every Monday evening $75 
Sai Baba Pooja/abhishekam – Every Thursday evening$75 
Mahalakshmi Kumkumarchana – Every Friday evening$31 
Nakshatra Shanti Pooja – 4th Sunday of the month, in the morning$51 
Homam (performed by temple on special occasions)$51$51
Lakshmi Kubera pooja$31 
Navagraha Pooja$51 
Navagraha Homam$101 
Srichakra pooja$51


Life events

Seva At Temple At Home
Aksharabhyasam/vidyarambham $101 $251
Annaprasana  $101 $251
Ayusha Homam (for birthdays or other special events) $151 $251
Engagement  $151 $251
Gruha Pravesham  $301
Gruhapravesham with Homam  $351
Hair Offering (Mundan) $125 $201
Kalyana Uthsavam at Home(Sri Sita Rama, Sri Lord Venkateswara, Sri Lakshmi Narasimha etc)$151$1001
Nalaveshna Shanti (Shanti pooja performed when babies had umbilical cord wrapped around
neck at birth)
 $151 $201
Namakaranam $101 $201
Namakaranam with Homam $151 $251
Seemantham (Baby shower) $151 $301
Shasthiabdhapoorthi (60th birthday) $301 $501
Upanayanam (Thread ceremony) $501 $1001
Wedding (only marriage ceremony) $501 $1001
Bhumi pooja (Groundbreaking ceremony)  $301
Vahana pooja $51 
Hiranya shraddham $101 $151
Shraddham with Homam $175 $251
Shraddham with Pindam $125$201
Poojas and Abhishekams
Ayyappa Pooja, abhishekam & Padi Pooja $251 $501
Gowri pooja $151 $201
Kalyanotsavam (to Lord Venkateswara, Sita Rama or other deities) $301 $501
Lakshmi Kubera pooja $101 $201
Mahalakshmi Kumkumarchana $101 $201
Nakshatra Swarna Pushparchana $51 
Navagraha pooja $151 $201
Punyaha Vachanam $151 $201
Rudrabhishekam $101 $201
Sahasranama Archana $101 $201
Sai Baba Pooja / Sai Vratham$101 $201
Saraswati Homam / Saraswati Pooja (for education)$151$201
Sathyanarayana Katha/Pooja $151$201
Sri Ganesha Abhishekam $101 $201
Sri Hanuman Navaneetha Samarpana Archana (Butter offering to Lord Hanuman procession deity) [Please bring 3lbs. butter]$31 
Srichakra pooja$101$201
Thambulapathra & Kadhaliphala Pooja (pooja with betel leaves & bananas)$31 
Udaka Shanti Parayan$251$351
Vadamala Pooja (temple prepares 108 vadai) [Devotee must inform temple beforehand to schedule vadamalai]$101 
Vastu Shanthi pooja$151$301
Ganapathy Homam$201 $301 
Dhanvanthari Homam$201 $251 
Homam/ havan (performed specially at devotee’s request)$201$301
Durga & Chandi Homam$200$301
Hanuman Homam$201$301
Hayagreeva Homam (for knowledge) – the South face of Panchamukha Hanuman$201$301
Medha Suktha Homam (for education)$201$301
Mrutyunjaya Homam (for long life)$151$201
Nakshatra Shanti Homam (to alleviate dosham at birth)$501$501
Narasimha Homam – one of the faces of Panchamukha Hanuman$201$301
Navagraha Homam$201$301
Pashupata Rudra Homam$201$301
Pratyangira Homam$201$301
Sri Durga Suktha Homam$201$301
Sri Suktha Homam (for Goddess Mahalakshmi)$201$301
Sudarashana Homam$201$301
Vainatheya Homam (Garuda havan) – the West face of Panchamukha Hanuman TO GET CHILDREN$201$301
Varaaha Homam (for acquiring land, wealth and cordial family life)$201$301
Sri Hanumana Sanchara Seva (Lord Hanuman graces devotee’s home – you can perform abhishekam & Pooja to Utsava Moorthy) $1,116
Consultation with Acharya ji (for astrology, Vaastu, personal reasons etc.) – 30 mins. – Please schedule beforehand$101$151
Any Special pooja$151$301

Notes: The poojas listed above are same prices for up to 50 miles radius. Above 50 miles to 100 miles $100 will be added to the original pooja price. For Above 100 miles 501 will be added. Price for wedding may vary. Out of state poojas please contact temple for price.
*Effective from January 1st 2023